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Dowless Comments on South Carolina Primary

Dowless Comments on South Carolina Primary

During a Q&A session with Space Coast Daily, Orlando-based political campaign consultant John Dowless offered his analysis on the latest trends in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary Race, including Sen. Marco Rubio’s prospects and Jeb Bush’s possible fate if the former Florida governor fails to finish in South Carolina’s top three candidates.
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Space Coast Daily: Dowless Analyzes Bush, Rubio Nomination Prospects

Space Coast Daily: Dowless Analyzes Bush, Rubio Nomination Prospects

2016 GOP Primary Q A John Dowless Analyzes Bush Rubio Nomination Prospects

EDITOR’S NOTE: With the Iowa Caucus less than one week away, two candidates from Florida, Sen. Marco Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush, hope to finish high enough among the wide field of Republican candidates to remain the race until the Florida primary on March 15.  Orlando-based Republican media campaign consultant John Dowless took the time for a Q&A with Space Coast Daily regarding his opinions and predictions on Bush and Rubio’s respective prospects and strategies in the GOP primary election.

Dowless is a native Floridian with years of experience in Florida elections that includes two presidential campaigns, a United States Senate race and multiple state legislative races. Space Coast Daily welcomes all readers to contribute their thoughts on the 2016 election by emailing

Jeb’s recent surge appears to have ebbed but he is still battling for top-half finish New Hampshire, where Rubio is  vying for a top-3 finish. Between Bush and Rubio, has the best chance to finish in the top 2 or 3 in New Hampshire?

DOWLESS: Rubio definitely has the best chance of finishing in the top two or three in New Hampshire, especially if he exceeds expectations in Iowa.

Rubio doesn’t have to win Iowa, just finish strong and exceed polling data. If Rubio does that, I believe many New Hampshire voters will jump to Rubio if they’re looking for an alternative to Cruz or Trump.

To see the full article, visit the Space Coast Daily article HERE.

Florida Politics: Dowless Regarded As ‘Best Consultant In Central Florida’

Florida Politics: Dowless Regarded As ‘Best Consultant In Central Florida’


In a Florida Politics article about candidates in intriguing races, John Dowless was described as an asset for Orange County Commission Candidate Betsy Vanderlay. Below is an excerpt from the article: “Ready to run?” Cent. FL Candidates we could see soon.

Bobby Olszewski in Orange County Commission District 1: The well known Winter Garden Commissioner could jump into the race in the coming weeks, and would join Project Development Manager Betsy VanderLey in the contest to replace termed out incumbent Scott Boyd in West Orange County.

“Bobby O” will be an immediate factor in the race and has been relationship building in the district for years. He’s a hard worker and one of the best retail lawmakers in the area. He’ll be able to skip the “getting to know” you phase and start picking up supporters and donors right away. VanderLey does have some connections with developers and the chamber, but not as extensive as Olszewski’s.

What VanderLey does have is Millenium Consulting, and John Dowless. Dowless is regarded as the best consultant in Central Florida, going 7-0 on primary night last year, and 14-2 for the cycle. The only two losses? Candidates in upside down districts or counties. VanderLey herself has also run campaigns and will be able to help her own cause.

John Dowless Quoted On Pope’s Visit To U.S.

John Dowless Quoted On Pope’s Visit To U.S.


During the Pope’s visit to the United States, the Sun-Sentinel covered the political impact of the Pope’s religious views on economic and social issues on both sides of the aisle. Republican political campaign consultant John Dowless offered his opinion on the potential impact on the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign. Below is an excerpt from the article: Pope plunges into presidential campaign issues

Republicans also noted that the pope is aligned with their position on some issues, notably the church’s long-standing opposition to “the sin of abortion.”

“He is coming with a very pro-life message that is contrary to most of the Democratic candidates. So it kind of cuts both ways,” said John Dowless, a political consultant in Orlando who advises Republicans. “I know that the Left would like to use the words of the pope to promote their own agenda, but they seem to use them selectively.”